It has been my pleasure to be a part of your lives.

Moving on.

By Mary Englin, Publisher January 28, 2021

Dear West Seattle Mac Kid Friends,

It is time for me to be moving on.  This will be the last e-newsletter from me and my hope is that one of you wonderful caregivers/parents would like to take the baton I'm handing out and move forward with this vehicle for good. If you have any interest in joining the Macaroni Kid/CertifiKID Family don't hesitate to reach out!  

Publishing this little e-newsletter and website has been a wonderful learning experience for me and my entire family.  From supporting local small business to sharing the wonderful area non-profits, the opportunity to reach local families is an absolute joy!

I've gotten to watch my kids grow while working from home and they've seen me grow as a business owner and community resource for family fun.  Not a bad gig!  My kids are now teens & tweens and I'm looking ahead to drivers licenses and curfews :)  Send all the good vibes my way for these new challenges!

I hope I get to see you out in the community and know that Macaroni Kid will continue to support families in all shapes and sizes!

Be well and give the little (and not so little) macaroni kids in your life a squeeze!