Parent Trust for Washington Children

2200 Rainier Ave. SouthSeattle, WA 98144Phone: 206-233-0156Email: familyhelpline@parenttrust.orgWebsite: Visit Website Google Map

Parent Trust for Washington Children programs are designed to help parents and caregivers from when they’re preparing for their first newborn to when they’re dealing with the ongoing challenges of raising a family. 

We have learning and support programs for children and teens, too. We believe that families deserve support from “conception to college.”

At our location in Rainier Valley, we have classes for childbirth preparation, sibling classes, baby diaper service classes, reunions for the families who took the classes, even training for how to become a childbirth educator.  We also have these classes, and more, at many other locations all over King County. 

And for all the times when you can't physically attend a group, class, or event, there's the Family Help Line. The Family Help Line is a supportive family and parenting coach line you can access, at no cost to you, via email or telephone. 800-932-4673 or 

Business Review

"Great programs for the whole family." ~ Ali T.

"An exceptional resource for empowering parents as well as for advocates to share counsel and knowledge. There is great unity in the motivation to build healthy, strong lives no matter how your family is growing or adjusting. So thankful!"  ~ Katherine K.

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