Outer Space Seattle

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There is a lot we cannot control in the world, as this pandemic has taught us. But we can control how our children experience it. 

This is an opportunity for your child to NOT be on screens for 6 hours a day. 

This is an opportunity for your child to have social connections, and emotional support. 

This is an opportunity to explore the beach and make messy art projects. 

This is an opportunity to play, and to be a kid.

We are not only providing childcare. We are proving a happy, safe space for your children, and establishing their new normal.  

And with that, we are excited to announce that we will now be operating as a learning pod location for elementary aged students, grades Kindergarten to 5th. 

We are hiring two experienced teachers to lead their pods. Our teachers will assist in logging on and off of remote learning, and assist the full curriculum of reading, math, and science.  One teacher to 8 children. There will be a limit of two classes (16 kids) at Outer Space Seattle at a time. This allows us to maintain social distancing while following health and safety guidelines provided by the CDC and Department of Health. 

Masks will be required for the duration of all children and staff at Outer Space Seattle. 

Our 5 day program will be closed pods, meaning the same 16 kids will be there in the morning, and the same 16 kids will be there in the afternoon. All families must adhere to following the COVID-19 guidelines and self-quarantine if traveling out of state.

Following the sample schedule provided by Seattle Public Schools, we will be offering a Morning Session or an Afternoon Session. 

See example below: 

MORNING SESSION 8:30am-12:15pm

Earth & Mars Class: (two classes of 8 kids, 1:8 ratio)

8:15 Doors open

8:30-9am Check-in/ Community Building

9-10am ELA Instructional Block

Mini-lesson, independent reading, embedded Social-Emotional learning, Read Aloud, small group reading instruction, shared reading, writing about reading and conferring/feedback with student readers, Special Education/504 supports and services*

10am-10:30am Recess/Break

10:30-11:30 Math Instructional Block

Mini-lesson/direct instruction, independent work time, small group math instruction, teacher conferring/feedback with individual students, Special Education/504 supports and services*

11:30M-12:15pm Art/Music/P.E./Library

Special Education/504 supports and services*


Sanitation and Cleaning of Outer Space Seattle


Jupiter & Saturn Class:(two classes of 8 kids, 1:8 ratio)

1:00-1:30pm Social Studies/Science/STI (Washington State Tribal History, Since Time Immemorial)

1:30-2:30pm Small groups and independent offline learning (asynchronous)

Special Education/504 supports and services*

2:30-3:00pm Family Connection

3:00-4:45pm 2 hours of free play/beach (Art/Music/P.E./Library)

4:45pm Pick Up

Sanitation and Cleaning of Outer Space Seattle

List of school supplies for Outer Space Seattle:

Face mask, Headphones, tablet or device, personal curriculum, packed lunch or snack, weather appropriate clothing.

Private Playdate: 

Includes 2 hours of play time for up to 10 people (both adults and kids!) 

Example: 1 adult must stay, 9 kids can be dropped off.  5 kids, 5 adults.  2 adults, 8 kids etc. 

Private Playdates are available Monday through Friday 6pm-8pm, Sat & Sunday 10am-12pm, 1:30-3:30pm, 5-7pm

Cost: $250

email to book your private playdate now

No decorations included. You may bring food with you. Cakes, cupcakes, donuts all welcome! 

Plates, napkins, cups available for $10 fee 

Business Review

"I absolutely love that there is an indoor play space in West Seattle, especially one this awesome. There is a sensory room, a slide, and enough activities to keep my almost 3 year old happy for hours. Also the food is great and there are tables and WiFi. I *may* have worked from here once or twice when daycare was closed."          -Abby

 "We took the children of Alki Community Center on a field trip here today; they loved it! Great place for kids to let loose and use their imagination. The staff was incredibly accommodating and were not phased by the crazy energy of our 30 kids! A great addition to West Seattle."- Sami

"Finally a play space in West Seattle! Loved the smaller size as we could keep an eye on the kids. Since they have reserved play times it doesn’t get too crowded. Loved that there were food and adult beverage options. The owner was super nice and even brought our toddler a sensory bag when she saw her crying. We will definitely be back!" -Kelsey 

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