From Your Publisher Mom

January 7, 2021

I'm sorry.

I have no powerful words of wisdom my friends.  

I too am feeling the challenge of today, tomorrow, and the uncertainty of what our future looks like.

My kids are in virtual school, my hubs is furloughed, I'm working from home.  

This is hard.

The events of this week, the past 10 months, the past 4 years come in waves of anxiety, and chronic stress.  I'm sure I'm not alone in this.

Please be sure to read two important articles in this weeks' newsletter to help you and your kids manage this stress:

How to Talk to Your Kids About the Violence at the U.S. Capitol

'I Want to Kill Myself.' How to Help a Child When You Hear Those Words

Conversely,  I've seen silver linings within all of what has been thrown at us.

  1. Mental Health is a topic and a concern for both children and adults.  We're talking about it.  This is good.  And there is help & hope.  Our Friends at Parent Trust for Washington Children not only have a Family Helpline for ANYONE in Washington, staffed by trained parent educators, but also a wealth of resources, education, activities for all ages to manage your stress. 
  2. Our Educational System has stepped up to the plate to serve our students.  It's not perfect.  However the way our educators have adapted is nothing short of miraculous in my opinion. 
  3. We've supported Community.  Both by Buying Small with the help of our Local Small Business Guide and donating to WestSide Baby a local agency that has continued to provide basics for kids in need.  We've shown the love and will keep doing so.
  4. We're loving our neighbors and looking to educate ourselves in ways to show solidarity.  Need help doing so?  Check out our Anti Racist Resources.

I'd love to hear and share your stories of "slilver linings."  We can all use some good news right now.  If you have something good to share with this community please email me at

For now, know that you get to set the way your family deals with this stress.  West Seattle Macaroni Kid is here to help you if you need it.  Follow this website on Instagram and Facebook - we've got wonderful parenting tips that will come in handy right now.

Wishing you peace this week.

Mary Englin

West Seattle Macaroni Kid Publisher Mom